4 Considerations for Everyday Carry
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4 Considerations for Everyday Carry

Posted by Anthony on 1/22/2014 to Business/Workbags
Everyday Carry, or EDC, has become a popular concept in recent years, especially after several recent urban catastrophes. The theory behind EDC is to incorporate a level of preparedness into one's daily life. If an unexpected situation arises, one will have the ability to respond in a proactive manner. 

Thus, when thinking about a daily work or carry all bag, the EDC mindset would also have the consumer consider how the bag might accommodate some basic preparedness items in addition to one's laptop, cell phone and normal business and personal items. Here are four considerations.


Being caught in the rain in a major inconvenience that happens to almost everyone. Rain can ruin electronics and important papers in one's bag. Thus, it is important to choose a bag that can accommodate an umbrella or an emergency poncho in an outside pouch or other easily accessible area.


A nasty paper cut or a splitting headache can spring unexpectedly on anyone throughout the day. Instead of suffering in silence, it is a good idea to carry some simple first aid items to the office or around town. This can be done by using a small container that can be stored in an inside pocket to hold a couple of bandages, antibiotic cream and pain relievers. Further, it is a good idea to consider including a day or two of one's prescription medication in the kit, just in case one must unexpectedly spend the night away from home or forgets to take a morning dose.


A great addition to any bag from an EDC standpoint is some sort multi tool, such as a Leatherman. Whether opening a box or cutting off a piece of twine, a small blade is quite useful. In addition, a Leatherman also has several other handy tools, such as needlenose pliers, a file and an assortment of screwdrivers. The great thing about a multi tool is that it is extremely compact, making it easy to accommodate in almost any type of bag. 


In true urban emergency situations, electricity may be one of the first things to go. Being able to see is important in order to get out of a building in the event of a fire, earthquake or other unforeseen circumstance. For this reason, a slender flashlight is an important consideration for one's bag from an EDC point of view. While many people carry a small light on their key ring to help them unlock the door in the dark, such a key chain light is not useful in an emergency. Again, a bag with an ample outside pocket would be useful for such an everyday carry item.

While these four considerations are by no means exhaustive, they should help in the brainstorming process of how to consider making one's daily business or personal bag EDC ready. With a little preparation, one can meet most any challenge.
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