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A Guide for the Proper Care of Leather Bags

Posted by Anthony on 1/13/2014 to Leather
If you have invested in a high-quality, genuine leather bag or luggage, then you probably want to make sure that it looks good and lasts for as long as possible. In order to keep your leather items clean and functioning well, itís important that you care for the leather properly to avoid damage that can be caused by everyday wear and tear. Read on for a guide on how to take care of your leather bags:

Keep it Clean

The best way to clean a leather bag is to use a product that is specifically designed to be used on the material. Using a soft, clean cloth you should apply leather cleaner in a gentle circular motion and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Try not to get the leather too wet because it takes quite a bit of time for leather to dry. Additionally, you want to avoid heaters or blow-dryers as they can damage the makeup of the leather. If you notice a stain on your bag, you can use white chalk dust to remove it, otherwise you should only need to clean your bag a couple times a year.


Leatherís greatest enemy is dry air. When leather dries out, it can become brittle and easily damaged. A good way to combat that is to use a leather conditioner to keep moisture in the material.

Maintain Shape

When you are not using your purse or bag, itís a good idea to stuff it in order to help it keep its shape. Consider using bubble wrap or crumpled up craft paper to keep the sides upright so that you can avoid folds and creases in the leather. Storing your bag in a pillowcase or other fabric bag will help to keep dust off and prevent damage from other items rubbing on its delicate surface. 

Taking good care of your leather goods will help to ensure that you can use them for years to come.
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