Are Android Devices Gaining Marketshare
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Are Android Devices Gaining Marketshare

Posted by Anthony on 1/5/2012 to Computer Hardware
Apple's iPad revolutionized the computer market by introducing a new type of computer hardware: the tablet. Unlike standard desktop or laptop computers, a tablet computer is designed for convenient Web browsing, games, reading e-books, listening to music, watching movies and many other applications.

For a while, iPad marketshare was very high, as Apple was the only company manufacturing tablet computers. However, Google then introduced a new version of their Android mobile operating system platform that is specifically designed for use on tablet computers. Google allows any tablet computer manufacturer to use the Android platform and several manufacturers have opted to market an Android tablet. As a result, the Android tablet marketshare is growing, thanks to multiple manufacturers supporting the platform.

For example, even Amazon's popular Kindle Fire device is running the Android platform. These were hot gadgets over the Christmas 2011 season, leading to a large spike in sales that has increased Android tablet marketshare. Android tablets are currently being released by big brands such as Samsung, Toshiba and Motorola, as well as small off-brands like Acer, Coby and Sylvania.

However, Apple is the only company that is licensed to manufacture iPad tablets. Because all of the third-party manufacturers of Android tablets are collected under Android tablet marketshare, it is doing much better than Apple's iPad marketshare. Also, because Android tablets are available at a lower price range, they capture many sales of users who want an iPad, but cannot afford the hefty price tag.
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