Christmas gifts: when did it start?
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Christmas gifts: when did it start?

Posted by Mariuca on 8/11/2013 to Other
The notion of Christmas gifts has a long history. The first book, which mentions a gift being given on Christmas day, is the Bible. I am talking about the three wise man who gave gifts to baby Jesus: gold, myrrh and frankincense, to honor His birth.

Even though this is the first written proof of Christmas gifts, the tradition of giving presents this time of year started even earlier. During the winter solstice festival of Saturnalia, the Romans gave gifts to celebrate this event, hoping that would bring them good fortune next year. After Christianity replaced paganism in Rome, then in the Empire, and all the holidays merged, they kept this tradition of giving gifts on Christmas day.

Around the fourth century, we have mentions of a priest, Saint Nicholas, which gave presents to many poor children while traveling through Asia.

Throughout the history, we heard of many other persons who gave gifts to the poor, or friends and family around the winter season, but in 1860, during the Victorian era, Christmas was celebrated in the manner we celebrate it now, for the first time: family members, friends, colleagues, exchanging gifts with each other.

There are many ways of how to give or exchange presents, or even when. For example, some people put the present under the Christmas tree and open them on the first Christmas day, others put gifts in big socks, which are hanged on fireplaces, and open them on Christmas Eve. Some countries have two gift giving days in December: the 5th of December and Christmas. Here are some of these lucky countries: Germany, France, Romania, Hungary, Poland and some others.

One of the most beautiful traditions that exist in the world revolves around Christmas gifts, and no matter where you live, everyone should enjoy this tradition, by giving and receiving gifts.
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