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From Scratch

At Xiao Zhi, it couldn’t be simpler to design computer cases. If you don’t like any of the great designs we already have on our website, you can easily create a laptop case design from scratch. Submit your idea along with some illustrations and we'll help it come to life. After your design is submitted, users like you will comment and vote on the designs that you and others have given us, choosing ones they’d like to buy. And finally, if it is good enough, your design could be chosen by the Xiao Zhi staff, and it will be then produced and sold on our website.



If you found a laptop case design you like, but not quite love, redesigning one of our computer cases is simple. Do you want an extra pocket, or would you like to add a strap to your case? Xiao Zhi has you covered. Custom laptop case orders can be easily and affordably made just for you. All you have to do is tell us which product you are looking at and what modifications you would like to see on it, and we will give you the custom laptop case of your dreams.



Even if you don’t want to design computer cases, but you want to be unique and make a small customization on a near-perfect one you found, Xiao Zhi can handle this too. All of our cases are fully customizable to your personal taste, so if you all you want is a certain case in a different color or a different style of closure, again all that it is necessary to do is write what you want and we will do it. At Xiao Zhi, your laptop case can be truly yours, made just for you, instead of a generic one-size-fits-all design.