Fashion Is In the Eye of the Beholder
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Fashion Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Posted by Bryan on 4/16/2013 to Fashion
What is fashion, really? Is it just about clothing, or is it something more? Sure, fashion is a way of choosing clothes and accessories, yet it’s also a lifestyle choice. People who love beauty, style and exploring new ideas in fashion have an impact on those around them. Some call them fashionistas, some call them “creatives,” what they really are though are people who live and breathe the visual life.

To fashionable creative people, getting dressed is more than just an exercise in pulling something out of the closet and putting it on. Oh no—to a true creative type, assembling the daily costume (even if the event in question is just a doing the chores around the house), is an artistic act. Think we’re kidding? Guess again.

There are fashionable folks out there who go to great lengths to ensure that they always look great, and that every outfit they put together has the just right style, color and cut for the image they wish to project.

Okay, let’s get serious. Creatives are folks who won’t wear a red handkerchief with a red belt unless the colors tones perfectly match or at least coordinate in an unusual way. These are people who won’t serve a plate of cookies unless the cookies are laid out in an artful way, with a napkin folded just so and a tiny flower laid next to it, to make a beautiful statement. Indeed, these are folks who coordinate their wall color with an antique vase and choose a jacket color to perfectly accent a color hue in the Warhol print that hangs in their foyer. These folks don’t just carry a briefcase to hold their laptop. Oh no, these people go to sites like to find a piece that perfectly accents their jacket, shoes and glasses, and matches the same style of leather used in their shoes.

Excessive, you say, this laser-like and near obsessive attention to details of design and color in every aspect of life? Yes, perhaps there is a touch of compulsion to this degree of fashion, beauty and design adoration. Yet it’s quite a beautiful thing too. After all, a laptop carry case really should coordinate with one’s shoes, shouldn’t it? Really, isn’t life just a little too short to go through with mismatching colors and uncoordinated accessories?
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