How To Care For Your Macbook
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How To Care For Your Macbook

Posted by Joe on 2/3/2012 to Computer Hardware
Proper care of a Macbook is essential to its longevity. If you have a Macbook that you transport frequently, make sure you place it inside of a high-quality case or sleeve. The case should be padded and free of debris like pens or paper clips that can scratch the outside or get caught in a port and damage it. If you're likely to drop your Macbook or have it get banged around, use a hard-sided case that's well padded and doesn't let your laptop shift about too much.

When you're using your Macbook, don't leave it near liquids or other damaging substances. Wipe the screen and keyboard regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Keep it away from heat sources, magnets and similar items that can damage the hard drive or other internal components. When storing it, keep it in a cool place so that it doesn't overheat and away from excessive light exposure or the risk of getting dropped. Don't place heavy objects on your Macbook, either.

Caring for a Macbook doesn't take a lot of specialized care. Daily maintenance and common sense can go a long way in keeping your laptop in as great of shape as it was when you bought it.
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