How To Protect Your Handheld Device
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How To Protect Your Handheld Device

Posted by Anthony on 1/20/2014 to Smartphones
Your tablet or smartphone is a miniature computer that takes a ride with you everyday. From the gym to the office, your device must withstand constant movement and impacts throughout the day. Although most devices are constructed with quality housings and strong screens, accidents can happen, making your gorgeous electronic a shattered mess in just seconds. Protect your handheld device by examining your everyday habits, and match a cover or sleeve to your needs.

For The Adventurer

If you are known for your love of adventure, a thick case may be necessary to keep your device safe. Select a case that has durable plastic formed with strategic rubber edging. The case should rise above the camera lens and screen to shield both from most impacts. Although relatively expensive, these cases can be dropped or hit repeatedly without any damage to the device itself in most cases. Most manufacturers offer cases in many different colors, making your device fashionable and durable.

Silicone Sleeves

Your new device may be an artistic work of art that you do not want to hide. Consider silicone cases that use a transparent, or slightly colored, sleeve that simply slides onto the device. You can still see the device through the sleeve, but it is safe from minor drops and scratches. These sleeves are relatively thin, making them easy to slip into a pocket. However, they are not as durable as a plastic and rubber case, so caution must be used when you use and move the device.

Leather Cases

Leather is a material known for its durability and classic beauty. Sleeves, resembling a folder or binder shape, hold your device for easy access. The leather is not attached to the device, however, but simply holds it with straps. You are able to move the device in and out of the sleeve, but be careful when you remove it. If you drop the device when it is out of the leather, there is no protection against scratches or other damages.


The sleek look of skins encourages consumers to decorate their device as much as possible. Essentially, graphics adhere to your device, but skins are not a protective solution. They are simply used for aesthetics and fun. If you do not drop your device very often, skins allow you to express your personality through pictures and text. 

Screen Protectors

Regardless of the case type, screen protectors are crucial for long-term device use. The protector prevents scratches from covering your screen, preserving the clear glass for many hours of use. You can typically buy screen protectors in bulk, allowing you to replace them periodically. A flawless screen protector makes device use a breeze.

Protect your investment with a sturdy cover or case. It should last for years with proper care.
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