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How to Choose the Right Bag For a Business Trip

Posted by iCarryalls on 10/15/2014 to Luggage

Going on business trips requires the ability to accomplish two ironically contradicting tasks. The first task is to pack light and avoid taking items that you do not really need. The second is the fact that some of the items you do need end up being the bulkiest and heaviest items of clothing in your closet. 

Pack Light For Convenience

If you have any experience traveling, you are no stranger to the dangers associated with checking your bags instead of keeping them with you. The only way to be 100 percent certain your items make it with you to your destination is for them to be in a carry-on. The only way for this to happen is for you to pack light. 

Packing light is a process that is all about picking the right bag. With the right bag, you can get everything you need with you on the plane. 

Observe Standard Dimensions 

The goal is for you to have as big of a bag you can manage to get your hands on while still being allowed to use it as a carry-on. This means that when flying by plane, you need to be aware of the limitations regarding size and weight of carry-on bags.

A bag with a dimension of, or close to, 22 inches L x 13 inches H x 9 inches D is your best choice as it meets most of the major airline requirements for a carry-on bag, especially if you are traveling using low-cost carriers. Just do your part to check the restrictions of an airline before flying. 

It is important to keep in mind that American airlines tend to be more generous than other countries. This means that while American dimensions are a little larger than the standard 22x13 inches, you are going to want to stick to that standard if you are traveling out of the country. 

Consider Appearance 

The style of the bag is just as important as the size of the bag and the items you pack in it. You are going on a business trip and this means you need a bag that looks professional. You do not want to walk out of the airport and get into the car that is picking you up with a neon colored duffel bag. Especially if meeting with business associates upon arrival, you would want something subtle yet impressive and stylish. With that in mind, you won’t go wrong with leather in neutral colors.

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