Should you get a tablet or an e-reader?
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Should you get a tablet or an e-reader?

Posted by Joe on 6/6/2012 to Computer Hardware
For many electronics shoppers, there is a big debate when it comes to selecting the product that is right for them. For computing needs, do you get a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet? For portable electronics, do you get a tablet, an e-reader, or an mp3 player? Every device seems to be multifunctioning, so when every product does everything, it can be a complicated decision.

One of the most common dilemmas is whether to get a tablet or an e-reader for reading needs. While the obvious choice tends to be a tablet because it handles higher computer functions, there is a lot more to it than that. Every device has its plusses and minuses unique to it.

The main decision maker between whether you chose a tablet that you can read on, or an e-reader that you can only read on, is the amount of time you will spend reading. For avid readers who spend hours at a time reading, a tablet is just not a good option.

The light from the tablet, even at its lowest setting, can cause your eyes to get tired much more quickly than an electronic ink display. The bright display on tablets can cause visual discomfort and headaches after long periods of time. Most electronic ink displays arent backlit and read like a normal page, so that your eyes dont have to adjust to the screens brightness.

Also, being slightly larger and heavier than an e-reader, it can be harder to hold up for long periods of time. The small e-reader conveniently fits into a pocket or purse with hardly any weight. They also take less battery life to operate so that they last much longer than a tablet.

On the other hand, if you arent a book lover, a tablet is a smarter option. Not only can you read books, but you can also look at comics in color, watch movies and television shows, and check your email. The functionality of the tablet is very close to a computer, while an e-reader is a very smart book. There are gaming options and social networking options that make a tablet not only a business tool, but an entertainment tool.

Whether it is a tablet or e-reader that fits into your life best, portable technology can enhance your life and the way you interact with information.
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