The Future of Education: Tablet Workstations
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The Future of Education: Tablet Workstations

Posted by Bryan on 6/14/2012 to Other
Systems of education are constantly brainstorming new ideas to make learning a rewarding and enthralling experience. Because media and advertising are more influential due to quick advances in technology, simple methods of in-classroom lectures are becoming outdated. The minds of our current young generation have been conditioned by updated technology, equipped with the ability to find endless amounts of information instantly at the touch of their fingertips.

In the past 5 years, in all levels of education, we've seen an increase of powerpoints and smartboards being used in classrooms. But now, in the year 2012, those means of teaching are too beginning to lose their impact on students. Instead, students are purchasing on-the-go items such as tablets and powerful smartphones to organize their lives using various applications for nearly any kind of use you can think of, including education.

If seriously taken into consideration, tablets and tablet covers can create a completely efficient and easy-to-carry workstation. Students would have all the items they need in a simple carrying case for every class they're taking. Because of the creation known as eBooks, students would not have the need to purchase heavy books in University stores anymore. And because of applications, teachers would have an online database of notes and assignments for students to browse and complete. Applications could also be created for entire University systems, which could incorporate social media for students, professors, and other faculty members to socialize.

Although this seems like an amazing idea, problems lie in the aspects of school policies and funding. Not every student would have the means to purchase tablets on their own, and many schools may not want to change policies for funding and methods of education. However, it's obvious that creating new policies revolving around tablet-oriented education could take funding away from other expensive and outdated technologies still used in schools today.

Not only is making drastic technological changes in education important and intelligent, but it is rational and practical. The more advanced technology and sources of information become, the less students will be interested in old teaching techniques. A change would not be insulting traditional methods; in fact, it would be embracing the future of technology and learning so our means of education would become more efficient and create an effective impact. Many colleges have been considering a curriculum revolving around tablet and smartphone use. Let's hope this idea becomes something bigger.
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