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The Importance Of Accessorizing For Success

Posted by iCarryalls on 9/17/2014 to Fashion

The 90s Swedish band Roxette sang about it, and got 'dressed for success'. And succeeded they did. So if you'd like for things to step up in your career or business, maybe you should follow their cue, too.

Imagine looking sharp in a spotless business suit and arriving in a business meeting in a flashy car. Also imagine clutching a tired looking portfolio or a clearance bin tote bag. What do you think would be the dominant impression you would give an associate or a prospective client? Like ending a speech or a sales pitch on a strong note, so should you leave with a strong image and ditch everything that doesn't contribute to it. (So say goodbye to that tattered portfolio or duffel bag.)

Impressions are usually formed within minutes and even seconds of the first meeting, but they often make lasting impressions unless corrected immediately. This was our ancestors way of telling, at first glance, whether another strange creature they just met is friend or foe. And we carry that predilection despite our highly developed brains now capable of better judgment.

You can use that early human trait to your advantage by dressing to impress. And dressing here means paying attention to everything you wear, from the most obvious to the least -accessories, shoes, bags or the attitude you bring with you in meeting business associates or new people. All these little extras add up to create the kind of image you want to project. If your business or persona requires to project a trustworthy, financially solid, or reputable image, so should your accoutrements.

This is why fashion people are concerned with little things, like in the Devil Wears Prada's 'lapis' and ‘cerulean’ scene between the new intern and the fashion magazine editor. It's taking the details altogether that complete a look, and if there's anything that could weaken the impact of that look, you can either upgrade it or get a new thing altogether.

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