The Natural Solution to Protecting Your Personal Tech
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The Natural Solution to Protecting Your Personal Tech

Posted by Bryan on 2/22/2013 to Leather
When it comes to traveling with a reliable case, leather cases have proven to be the best choice. Plastic cases usually come in brighter colors and designs, but most people are looking for something that lasts. The good news is that a lot of companies are now offering leather cases in brighter colors. Leather has become more popular and the companies have realized that people want to be able to express themselves whether they need a case for business or personal reasons. In the past, leather cases were only available in black, tan or gray. With these recent changes, individuals can carry their belongings in style and confidence knowing that they have a reliable leather case.

Plastic cases, though available in brighter patterns and designs, are more prone to breakage when dropped. Plastic cases are also more prone to visible scratches and can't expand when filled with paperwork other materials. Plastic cases would only benefit someone who travels light at all times and they don't last nearly as long due to how fragile they are. Plastic cases aren't all bad because they are more water resistant than leather cases and can be wiped off if dropped in a puddle of water. Plastic cases are great for kids because they can be found with cartoon characters and don't have many compartments. Due to the few compartments available with plastic cases, things are less likely to get lost.

Leather cases are damaged when exposed to moisture and can start to smell bad over time, but when cases are used by someone who will be constantly adding materials to a single case, leather does provide the stretch and hold needed. Leather cases won't break when dropped and it's because of this that companies charge a bit more for leather cases than plastic. When it comes to choosing whether or not to get a leather or plastic case, and individual should evaluate what they will be using a case for and how often. Plastic cases are great if the person rarely uses it, but leather cases are definitely better for a more serious traveler such as someone who works in the business industry.
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