Comparing the New iPad and the Kindle Fire
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The New iPad vs the Kindle Fire

Posted by Joe on 3/29/2012 to iPad

Few things inspire as much awe and wonder as new technology. Especially when that new technology comes with complete a shiny Apple logo.

With the release of the new iPad, many of us are scurrying to purchase the latest and greatest Apple has to offer. Others, hesitate and work hard to consider the alternatives. There are other choices, and whether you own a tablet already or whether you are thinking that right now is the time to buy, it can be helpful to compare the new iPad to a lower priced option like the Kindle Fire.

Much of your decision will be determined by your purpose in owning a tablet. Many are interested in Apple because of the vast quantity of apps available. There is an ample supply of Android apps for the Kindle Fire, of course, with an ever increasing variety of both free and paid options in games, productivity, and educational options.

For others, the primary attraction is that of the multimedia experience. While Apple quality is better than ever with the sharp resolution of the new iPad, the variety with Kindle is amazing. Kindle Fire provides its users with access to the ever growing video on demand library hosted by Amazon, with a great deal of free content available to those who subscribe to Amazon Prime. There is also access to a huge library of ereading content, with borrowing options strictly available for Kindle device users.

Amazon content is stored free of charge through Amazon cloud for Kindle Fire users, while Apple content is stored free of charge for users of the new iPad. Apple content is able to be used across a broad spectrum of devices, while there are some limitations with Amazon content. The iPad includes cameras while the Kindle Fire does not. The Kindle Fire is limited to 8 GB storage on the device, whereas the iPad models include 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage. Kindle Fire accesses the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection, while there are new iPad models with 4G access in addition to wi-fi.

Both the new iPad and the Kindle Fire are exciting devices. Both have great use in accessing Web content. The decision to purchase Kindle Fire vs. the new iPad really depends on your priorities in content and use.

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