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The iPad 3 or the iPad 2s?

Posted by Administrator on 3/7/2012 to The New iPad
The iPad 3 or the iPad 2s?

An old philosopher once noted that people who predict the future generally see in it what they want to see. The predictions surrounding the much-ballyhooed iPad 3 should be seen in that light.

Those who purchased the original iPad can't wait to upstage those who upstaged them with the purchase of the iPad 2. Time being of the essence, they want to see it as soon as possible. And, since in spite of the new machines cosmic importance, the Mayan Calendar has nothing to say on the matter, they were forced to come up with a date on their own: March 7.

Owners of the iPad 2, of course, have their view of the iPad future: they want to believe that the March 7 date only heralds the arrival of a slightly improved iPad 2S. The argument for only an only incrementally improved machine is based on Apples well-known aversion to killing the goose that laid the golden egg why enrage those who only recently bought a 2, when those who own an Original will jump to take advantage of any improvement at all?

Who knows who is right? In any case, the Internet is awash with rumors regarding what the new machineby whatever nameis said to sport including the following:

1. A new Quad-Four processor: One of the arguments supporting this rumor is the necessity of a much-augmented engine to run the other rumored improvements.

2. A Retina Display screen with approximately 4 times the pixels of the older models: The argument in favor of this rumor seems to be that in order to compete with the new Android machines Apple will be forced to improve the display.

3. Siri integration: Like the March 7th rumor, there seems to be consensus by the iprognosticators on this one.

4. 4G LTE: No surprise here either as Apple must start competing with the Android LTEs sooner or later. Why not steal a march on the Android tablets at the same time?

5. Two screen sizes: To include a 7 inch iPad 3 mini to compete against the lower-priced Kindle Fire which has proved to be its only real competition.

6. Lower prices across the board: Only wishful thinking can account for this rumor. The fact is people who buy iPads dont seem to care what they have to pay and Apple darn-well knows it!

7. An improved front-and-rear facing camera.

It is anyones guess how many of these improvements will actually appear on the new machine, be it called the iPad 3 or iPad 2S, on March 7thif it actually appears on that date at all. Add to the confusion a report from the Las Vegas CES 2012, that while the iPad 3 will probably arrive in March; new rumors have the iPad 4 coming in October. Doesnt matter, even with the Mayan Calendar predicting the end of the world on December 21st, people will still be buying them by whatever name.

And one things is for sure...  We will have cases for them!
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