Using a Zipper Closure For Your Leather Portfolio
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Using a Zipper Closure For Your Leather Portfolio

Posted by Vicky W on 11/7/2019 to Business/Workbags

A zipper enclosure is one of the best options that you can consider when getting a leather portfolio ready for your use. A zipper would help with keeping everything on the inside of your portfolio secure in any situation. The layout may be a perfect option for when you’ve got sensitive materials to secure, but you have to look at what you’re doing with the zipper to ensure nothing wrong will come about with what you have.


How Is the Zipper Laid Out?

A zipper will be laid out on your leather portfolio on the ends. You would have to use a few steps to use the zipper:

  1. Close up the two halves of the portfolio at the start. Don’t forget to see that the zipper has nothing standing in the way.
  2. Check for the zipper part on the end of the surface. You can zip the feature up at this point.
  3. Make sure the zipper is secured all the way at the end. This includes seeing that it is on the opposite end of where it started and that there are no small openings.


Reviewing the Zipper

You’ll have to watch for how well your zipper is working, as there is a chance it could become loose. The zipper teeth may not link up with one another after a while. Even worse, the zipper itself can get stuck. There are a few things you can do to ensure your zipper will last for as long as possible:

  • Never force the zipper when using it. Forcing the body will only wear out the teeth.
  • Always keep the paper and other things inside your portfolio aligned. Do not let anything stick out to the point where those items could become caught inside the body.
  • You can use water and soap to wash off the zipper on occasion. Make sure everything is removed from the portfolio before you do this though. A toothbrush-sized brush should work here.
  • A useful zipper lubricant like powdered graphite or paraffin wax can be added to a zipper to help keep it aligned. You’ll have to clean off the zipper before you add a lubricant. You might need to let the space air out for a bit after you add the material for your general maintenance purposes.

A zipper is helpful when looking for an enclosure for your leather portfolio, but you will have to see how well it works. Be aware of how the zipper works and that you have an idea of how you will use it. Always be aware of what you are getting out of the material in particular.

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