What Does Your Case Say About You?
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What Does Your Case Say About You?

Posted by Joe P. on 5/17/2012 to Computer Cases
With all the portable devices on the market, there is a massive amount of covers, protectors, and bags for every small and large device. It seems almost everyone you meet has the newest of the new gadget tucked away in their case. But what does that case say? If every piece of fashion is a statement, then surely a case speaks volumes about the person using it.

For some, a case is a protector. It simply functions to shield. They may choose a plastic cover, simple and economical. For those people practicality is of the essence, and there is no poetry to design.

For others, a case is a statement about their personality. A pink sparkly bag notes, Im feminine and fearless, while a running cougar roars, Im sporty and energetic. These are the people that wear boas around their necks and mid-calf socks with shorts. Zebra stripes and bright colors, these people love to stand out from the pack.

Then there is the blender. This person picks the standard case closest to the product. They have seen it before. Its trusted because its popular, and its popular because everyone says it is. This case is quiet, subtle, and unimportant. It shouts to the world, I am like everyone else, so dont mind me.

In rare cases, there is the poet. This person does not choose the most likely choice, or the loudest. Put simply, they choose the case that is functional and elegant. It is where beauty meets science and technology meets organic. They do not go against the pack or hide within it, but instead stand on their own.

There are a variety of cases out there and a variety of people. As technology grows, so does the way we express ourselves and evolve with it. Our computers grow into sleek ultrabooks and tablets. Our cellphones become tablets and gaming systems. With so much of who we are wrapped into what we have, style is shining through in different ways. Even your iPad and cellphone are saying things about you, and its good to know what they are saying.
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