What Makes a Debossed Leather Portfolio Different From An Embossed One?
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What Makes a Debossed Leather Portfolio Different From An Embossed One?

Posted by Vicky W on 10/17/2019 to Business/Workbags

You might have seen embossed leather portfolio products that feature appealing raised patterns. A debossed leather portfolio is the complete opposite.

Debossing is a process that entails the creation of an indentation in your portfolio. The indentation can feature one of many things, from a name to a logo. Letís look at what makes the debossing process unique and how it differs from the embossing.

The General Practice

Embossing entails the production of a raised design. The effort works by pushing a metal die or chipboard on your leather from underneath.

Debossing will cause a recessed design to appear. The debossing works to the same intensity as the embossing, but the other way around. The recess will create something that is instantly visible, but will not be all that deep. Debossing works with a few steps:

1. The leather will be applied to a chipboard or metal die. The die or board must be placed on the front part of the leather. Also, the surface needs to come with a personalized image that one wishes to add. The board or die will show the mirror image of the design.

2. Moisture may be added to the leather. The moisture produces a softer surface that can facilitate quality indentations.

3. The board or die is pressed on the leather. The surface needs a high amount of pressure and enough heat to produce the unique look. The pressing may also last for a bit of extra time to improve upon the chances the surface will stay strong.

4. The leather should cool off for a period. The intense heat of the debossing machine will cause the surface to be extremely hot after it comes out of the machine.

5. The leather is then gathered and stitched alongside the other leather surfaces on your portfolio.

The outstanding practice makes it easier for you to create a classic style for your portfolio. The work can help you with debossing anything from your name to your business name or even its logo. A monogram or other visual flourish may also be added to the portfolio body. You have full reign as to what you might want to do with the portfolio, so look at how well you can get the distinct style ready for your use on your model.

Is It Similar to Engraving?

On the surface, debossing sounds like a process similar to engraving. But while both processes entail producing indentations, debossing is very different. A debossing process does not go as deep into the leather surface as an engraving. The engraving can move deeper and with a more precise image. Also, an engraving process would entail laser heat to help burn through the leather to produce the unique design.

The outstanding look of a debossed leather portfolio makes it a helpful choice to see when finding a portfolio that you can customize. Youíll need to look at whatever it is you want to deboss on your portfolio to figure out what might work the best.


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