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What’s Your Bag Personality?

Posted by iCarryalls on 10/17/2014 to Handbags
You know what they say about bags: Show me your bag, and I'll tell you who you are. In a sense that's true. It takes a certain personality to be comfortable with a certain bag, so if your go-to bag is a no-frills tote, then you are probably an easy-to-please, no-frills person as well.

Check the types of bag below and see if it matches the kind of personality you have.

Tote Bags

Capacious tote bags are usually favored by women on the go with plenty of things to do, hence their preference for bags that will hold everything – their laptops, makeup purses, and a change of clothes if necessary – as changing to another kind of bag will just eat up into their already packed schedule. Power women typically prefer the structured, stiff leather variety of neutral or solid color. Creative career women tend to go for soft or distressed leather, while really artsy types who dislike the routine of 9-to-5 usually go for earth-toned canvas or some colorful repurposed fabric.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are the staple of the office girl type, perhaps because it's what goes well with the company dress code. All else being equal, women who prefer shoulder bags for what they are tend to be more feminine than their power woman counterpart (who professionally need to project a strong leadership image) and would not hesitate to go to work in ruffled skirts or flowery frocks.

Cross-body Bags

The feminine equivalent of the messenger bag, cross-body bags free up the wearers' two hands, which suggests that they are of the carpe diem variety: They need to free up their hands so they can better use them to quickly grab on to things or pursuits they find meaningful and worthy to do. Women whose go-to working bags are cross-body bags tend to be fluid and spontaneous.

Hobo Bags

There's a very interesting story about hobo bags. If one looks at historical photos of the American Northwest before the turn of the 20th century, there likely to turn up pictures of 'hobos' or migratory workers or vagabonds with bindle on a stick. Hobo bags are so called because they look like these historic bundles of sack or blanket bound by a cord and attached to a stick carried on a shoulder. So if price and rules of fashion are no object and you like hobo bags more than anything else, you are likely a free-spirited, creative type with a generous dash of chicness and love of sunshine.


If there are no dress codes to be observed and you prefer to carry a clutch out of pure desire, you are either out to party like you mean it; you exactly know where you are headed or what your needs are in the immediate future; and your daily schedule is most likely divided into neat hour-blocks, for you know exactly what you need that you can’t be bothered to bring your entire closet in a purse. You also tend to be very dressy, glamorously girly, or fashionably ahead of everyone else.

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