Why the Upgraded iPad Mini Folio from iCarryAlls is a Must-Have
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Why the Upgraded iPad Mini Folio from iCarryAlls is a Must-Have

Posted by on 7/3/2014 to Customize/Personalize

For many executives, business people, and sales agents, having an organizer is not a luxury but an essential for work. In today's digital age, using a great electronic tablet such as the iPad Mini and housing it in an equally marvelous organizer folio is certainly a must. And when it comes to such modern and useful organizers, there's no better provider than iCarryAlls. Take the word of plenty professionals and executives who have tried this brand. Or better yet, check it out for yourself!

Amazing Durability

iCarryAlls knows that with the daily pressure of your work, it's important to ensure durability. This is why the famous Executive Organizer Padfolio is well-appreciated by a lot of people and has been upgraded to be even better. With full-grain leather, it's now more able to withstand exposure to various natural elements and can endure the regular grind of your work day in and day out.

When you've got a very durable organizer, you can definitely make use of it for a long time. Hence, it's also fundamentally cost-effective. You won't feel cheated at all with the price you have to pay.

Useful Convenience

Whether you're always in the office or your work entails you to go from one place to another, it's crucial to have all your essentials close by and packed together in one place. This way, you can save time and be more efficient when you have to flesh out a document, attend a meeting, or talk to a client.

Indeed the Executive Organizer Padfolio doesn't simply carry your iPad Mini. It is also designed to hold an A4 size notepad or notebook that you can conveniently take notes on as you go along your business. Moreover, you don't need to worry about misplacing small important items such as your tablet charger, mobile phone, keys, and more. You can keep these inside the pouch pocket.

It's understandable that you also have business cards, USBs, pens, receipts, and other work trinkets that you'll have to secure. Thus, you can store all of these in the organizer panel.

What's more, in case you have to bring along your 11-inch MacBook, you need not put it anywhere else but merely keep it in the big document pocket of the folio. What can be more convenient than that?

Remarkable Security

One other concern of most professionals and business individuals is to make sure that their gadgets and vital documents are kept secure. This is why the entire padfolio zips up nicely. This way, no loose items will accidentally spill out in your bag or while you're on the go. It's definitely considered remarkable when compared with most organizers today.

For some people, this zipper is not enough. There may be reviews that criticize this particular aspect of the organizer. Nevertheless, what's great about iCarryAlls is the fact that you can have your own folio customized. If you deem it necessary to have a lock, then simply request for a design that will accommodate one and provide the security you desire.

Added Professionalism

Just imagine how people will view you whenever you do a one-on-one presentation on your iPad Mini while it's propped up in your organizer! Indeed with the right gear and of course your own get-up, you'll really look more professional.

The genuine leather of this Executive Organizer Padfolio says it all. It's not just durable but also classy and professional-looking. What's even better is that the new version has been stitched up with a contrasting tone in order to make the details stand out and look better. The entire design can enhance your expert appearance while adding a touch of stylishness.

Why do companies spend a lot of time and money providing seminars on professionalism and even teaching their sales and marketing force the essence of power dressing? It's because these things will make you look and feel good. They add to your credibility and authority, as well as boost your confidence. Overall you're likely to do a better job.

Trendy and Tasteful Appearance

Aside from the natural elegance of genuine leather, it's also good to note that the design of the organizer is simple yet trendy and tasteful too. This is brought on by the wonderful blend of contemporary lines integrated into the design of the compartments and inserts. For instance, you'll immediately notice that the flap of the outside pouch is like a triangle with a diagonal line. This is characteristic of modern, stylish touches.

In addition, the added contrast stitching certainly boosts the fashionable look of the organizer without making it too casual-looking. Still it's made to match an executive or serious professional like you. You may choose between plain black or brown leather in its full-grain glory.

Nonetheless, take note that you always have the option to have this padfolio customized. Let's say you're in the party organizing business and you want a quirkier appearance that reflects the fun nature of what you do. Then you can have the surface of the organizer done with louder-colored leather like bright red. You can have fabric trimmings incorporated too or placed inside so as not to compromise the durable exterior.

Extra Marketing

Even if you're not actually a salesman, remember that you also represent your company. And if you are a businessman, you are essentially a salesman as well. You need to sell yourself to potential customers before your brand, products, or services.

When you have a great-looking and functional organizer to improve your professionalism and help you make a good first impression, it's surely helpful in marketing. It makes you seem more trustworthy, especially when you appear to be organized and on top of things. Thus, people are likely to believe you more and have faith in what you are trying to promote.

Easy Travel Companion

Because of the slim yet useful design of this padfolio, you can expect it to be quite handy. It comes in the measurements 13 x 10.5 inches--- just the ideal size to hold your iPad Mini as well as letter-size papers. It's also a good enough size to be portable enough while not being uncomfortable for you to carry it around.

If you're moving from the office to a client meeting or you need to take the train or ride a plane, you can simply slide the case inside your messenger bag or briefcase. And even if you suddenly have to present something to your seatmate in the bus or to someone you just met, you can easily bring it out because everything is all together in your handy-dandy folio!

Hassle-Free Customization

What if you're not using an iPad Mini? Or perhaps you want a similar organizer of a smaller size. There's no need to worry because iCarryAlls is well-known for hassle-free customization. Even if you're just ordering one piece, you can request for a specific design that would perfectly suit your needs. And if you want to order a special kind to give as a gift to your boss, dad, husband, or someone else, you can also ask for a tailor-fit padfolio.

In coming up with your own design, you can mix and match various elements such as the sizes and numbers of included compartments, pen holders, and more. You may want to incorporate additional accessories such as a wrist strap, snap for a clipboard, binder rings, and a keyboard holder. There's definitely a whole range of things that you can incorporate into your custom-made folio.

To make the organizer even more special, the company even offers personalization through the imprinting of monograms. You can have any monogram, logo, or symbol embossed. It's bound to make any recipient happy.

So whether you intend to use this kind of organizer for your own purposes or you wish to give one as a present, you certainly won't go wrong with iCarryAlls. The company is highly esteemed in the industry, giving you peace of mind that all products are of utmost quality.

In particular, this upgraded padfolio made for executives is a must-have that can cover the basics and more. And as mentioned above, there's always an opportunity to incorporate other preferences through customization.

This liberty can't be enjoyed elsewhere, which is probably why a lot of people keep coming back to iCarryAlls and even spreading the good news to others. So if you want to gain all the benefits discussed above, you better start ordering today. Check out the all-new Executive Organizer Padfolio with Pouch Pocket, designed for the iPad Mini and letter-size paper.

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