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Spotting Fashion Trends: the Hobo Bag

Posted by Melissa on 3/30/2013 to Fashion
Fashion trends change with the times, however, many accessory items remain in style for decades as they have a distinctly unique and ever-lasting style that makes them desirable to many people.

The Essentials: Tablet Computer Totes

Posted by Bryan on 3/29/2013 to Computer Cases
Tablet computer tote bags have become essential accessories. It is vital for professionals to have everything they need at their fingertips.

Yes, You Need a Luxury Leather Handbag

Posted by Melissa on 3/29/2013 to Fashion
A leather handbag is a usefuel accessory for many famous 'fashionistas' such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba and this makes them even more coveted.

Staying Organized On-the-Go

Posted by Melissa on 3/27/2013
The need to maintain an organized schedule is especially critical for the business traveler.

A Staple in Fashion & Function

Posted by Bryan on 3/25/2013
There are a handful of items that transcend fashion and function enough to become mainstays, staples. One of these the classic luxury leather tote bag.

There's Something In That Briefcase: Timeless Style

Posted by Bryan on 3/25/2013 to Fashion
Despite all the innovation of our current electronic age, there is still nothing that comes close to the essence of the luxury leather briefcase. Not only does it reflect a sense of success and confidence, but it still has a very practical use.

Why You Need a Travel Organizer

Posted by Bryan on 3/23/2013
Travel organizers can offer peace of mind, giving the world traveler assurance that everything they require can be found in one place at a moments notice.
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