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How to Take Care of your Top-Quality Leather Bag So That It Will Last and Last

Posted by icarryalls on 1/30/2015 to Leather

When you buy a fine leather bag from iCarryAlls you are demonstrating that you are the kind of person who cares about quality, and, as such, you are a person who takes care of your possessions so that they will last and last. Well, the good news is that as long as you treat your new leather case or leather bag properly, it will serve you long enough to be passed down to the next generation.

Please find below your guide to caring for your new top-quality leather bag.

Understand Why Leather Needs Special Care

The first step to taking care of your new leather duffel bag is to understand that although leather is ultra tough, it is not a metal. No, it is a membrane full of pores that can be stained, dry out, get too wet, be scratched, or tear. Once you accept this, you will be more likely to treat your leather case the way it deserves.

Conditioning Your Leather Suitcase

The better condition you keep the leather in, the better it will be able to repel liquid and dirt. Also, properly conditioned leather stays supple and attractive and will not dry out. To condition your leather tote or case, apply a coating of neatsfoot or mink oil to it with a soft cloth. Then, let it sit for 15 minutes before rubbing it dry. In addition to oils, there are conditioning lotions and creams that many leather bag owners swear by. You should condition your leather bag at least once a month.   

Cleaning Your Leather Bag

Leather needs to be kept clean. In addition to making sure you wipe it clean as soon as anything gets on it, make sure that you inspect it every week to look for dirt and grime and then clean it with a dedicated leather cleaner, soft brush and cloth. Also, keep on hand a toothbrush for getting dirt out of its seams, corners, folds, and crevices.

What to Do if Your Leather Suitcase or Other Leather Bag Gets Wet

Water can do great damage to leather. If your bag gets wet, stay calm and fill it with paper towels to absorb the moisture and let the bag dry at normal room temperature in a location with plenty of airflow. This may take days. No matter what you do, never speed up this drying process with hair dryers or any other similar device, since this will dry the leather too much, too quickly and cause it to crack.  

Storing Your Leather Handbag or Other Leather Bag

Leather bags that are not stored in the right manner lose their shapes. To keep your bag looking as it was designed to look like, fill it with butcher paper or bubble wrap and store it in its dustbag along with some silica desiccant packets to keep it dry and safe. Finally, take it out of its dustbag every couple of weeks so that it can air out. Leather bags that get moist are mold magnets.

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